I am currently a Staff economist with the Western Hemisphere Department at the IMF, incoming from the Fund's Fiscal Affairs Department. 

My primary research interests are in public finance, where I study policy issues in tax compliance and tax evasion with administrative data. I am also interested in the political economy of public goods and public budget dynamics. 

I received my Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government (Economics track) from the Economics Department and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in May 2021. I was then a 2021/2022 Post-Doctoral Fellow in Long-Term Fiscal Policy at the NBER, supported by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Updates: The April 2024 IMF Fiscal Monitor on "Fiscal Policy in the Great Election Year" is out! My FAD colleagues and I provide novel insights on the role of politics behind current and upcoming risks to the fiscal trajectory in electoral democracies. Chapter 1 features excerpts from my upcoming paper on "Fiscal Discourse and Fiscal Policy", joint with Yongquan Cao and Era Dabla-Norris - stay tuned for the upcoming draft!